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Immediate Care


Services are limited during the lunch hour and patients are prioritized by severity of symptoms, not by arrival time.

Illness or Injury:

Walk-in care is available for illness or injury that can't wait. 

If your concern is not immediate, you would be best served to book an appointment online or Join the QLess Line to speak with the Appointments Desk and schedule the first available appointment.

24-Hour Telemedicine Care

  • UC SHIP students can connect with a licensed medical doctor, dermatologist or therapist by mobile app, web, or phone using the LiveHealth Online service; no referral is needed.
  • Medical visit co-pay is $25
  • Behavioral health visit co-pay is $15
    • Therapist video appointments are available from 7am to 9pm, seven days a week, and can be scheduled with the same clinician for recurring appointments.
  • For more information on what is covered LIveHealth-PDF