Your Experience at Student Health Is Important to Us

UCSB Student Health Service wants to make sure you have a positive experience while striving to meet all your healthcare needs.  Sharing your experience helps us to improve our quality of the services by identifying areas needing further improvement.  When comments or concerns arise, we endeavor to address them in a timely and efficient manner. 

If you would like to provide feedback in the form of a complaint, concern, compliment, or question, you may do so in the following ways:

Complete our Student Health Survey

You may complete the survey anonymously.

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QR CODE Patient Feedback

If you would like to discuss your feedback further, the recommended method is to send an email. (see below)

Send an email to Student Health

Please specify If you would like a response back and include your name and student ID #.  We will contact you within 5 business days.

All comments are confidentially reviewed by our Medical/Quality Improvement Committee, during which a select group of clinicians will analyze the outcome and determine if any future changes are needed.

University of California Notice of Nondiscrimination

Across all of its locations, including clinical settings, the University prohibits discrimination and harassment (including sexual assault and other forms of sexual harassment). UCSB Student Health Service provides equal opportunities for all patients, applicants, employees, faculty, and students regardless of sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other legally protected characteristics.

How to File a Report of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Notice of Nondiscrimination

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment, please report it! You can file a report in person, by phone, or online. The UCSB Title IX Office tries to protect people’s privacy while also fulfilling its obligations to respond appropriately to all reports it receives. In some cases, certain laws and University policies may require disclosure enforcement to other agencies. If you are unsure if you want to file a report, we recommend contacting one of the following confidential resources first for advice and support: