You can try to obtain a copy of your immunization records from your high school or your pediatrician's office. We recommend downloading the Immunization Worksheet and have your provider fill it out for you. The form can be found here under the "Helpful Forms" section. If you were vaccinated in California, information can be requested through the State of California Digital Vaccine Record.

Log on to MyHealth Portal, select clearances, enter your vaccination dates into the corresponding fields, upload your Immunization record in the "Upload Immunization Forms" section.

Yes, although incoming students are strongly encouraged to complete all necessary vaccinations and/or testing prior to arriving. Registration blocks will not be placed until Winter quarter enrollment.

Either test is acceptable, although the TB blood test is preferred. Test results must be from within the last year.

It is preferred that your immunizations are translated to prevent any delays, but not required. We recommend using the Immunization Worksheet to help with translating your immunizations. The form can be found here under the "Helpful Forms" section. Note this form requires a signature from a licensed provider.

You need to get it again. To be compliant, your dose must be given no earlier than four days before your 16th birthday.

Under "Clearances," upload your vaccine documentation under "Upload/update Vaccine Record" for verification or email it to

No. MenB is strongly recommended but not required.

The University of California Office of President does not have any current policy regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, there is no need to upload your COVID-19 vaccine card.

The flu vaccine is usually not available at Student Health Center until mid-September. When available, you can either receive a flu vaccine OR decline by signing the Flu Attestation Form located under the Clearances menu in Myhealth Portal.
The university strongly recommends the flu vaccine.

Yes. You can upload as many images as you need to, there is no limit.

No, DTaP is given to young children that protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. Td is given to adolescents and adults but only protects against tetanus and diphtheria. Only Tdap can satisfy this requirement.