To Submit Your Immunizations

  1. Log on to MyHealth Portal
  2. Select "Clearances"
  3. Enter your vaccination dates into the corresponding fields
  4. Upload your immunization record under “Upload Immunization Forms”

How to Schedule an Immunization Appointment:

  1. Log on to MyHealth Portal
  2. Select Get Care Icon 
  3. Schedule Appointment
  4. Choose Clinic Appointment
  5. Select Vaccines/Injections
  6. Pick Vaccines
  7. Follow the prompts

To Request Immunization Records For Graduate Students:

1. Log into your MyHealth portal
2. Select Appointments or Get Care
3. Click Schedule Appointment
4. Select Clinic Appointments
5. Select Vaccine/Injections/TB screening
6. Select Complete non-UCSB vaccine paperwork
7. Answer questions and upload immunization form

The University of California follows the recommendations of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Immunization Branch for Colleges and Universities. The current requirements reflect those in place on February 24, 2016. However, UC reserves the right to modify these requirements pending revisions to the recommendations by CDPH. Changes in CDPH's recommendations will be incorporated into the requirements affecting the incoming fall class each year.

The University of California requires vaccines because of the increase in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses over the past five to ten years, and many illnesses which we thought were disappearing are returning. Although many of these diseases are considered “mild," they can cause serious illness and death. Pertussis was responsible for hospital stays for hundreds of people in California, including intensive care admissions and in a few cases, death. Outbreaks of measles also resulted in hospitalizations, and new cases of mumps across the country threaten the health and fertility of non-immune students.