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Monday-Friday 9a-4:30p
Thursday 5-7p telehealth appointments only
Holidays will affect hours of operation


Basic Needs Resources at UCSB

  • Food access
  • Financial help
  • Housing
  • and more

Ask a Question

Submit your NON-URGENT questions on-line

If you are feeling ill, call us: (805) 893-7129 or (805) 893-3371

If you have a fever or cough, avoid contact with others and seek medical advice. If you will be seeking help at Student Health, please call (805) 893-7129 for instructions before coming to Student Health. 

All late cancellation and no-show fees will be waived through April.
However, we ask that you go online to cancel your appointment(s) so that we can plan accordingly. 

Access to Birth Control Methods at Student Health

UCSB has an existing system which quickly provides visits for all methods of birth control.

Telemedicine/Teletherapy with LiveHealth Online

Connect with a medical professional. For more information click here