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Dear UCSB Students, 

We wanted to reach out to you all in light of the Supreme Court confirmation. 

Many people around the country are feeling uncertain about the future of their reproductive rights and this might introduce added anxiety to an already uncertain situation with the pandemic and an upcoming election. 

Student Health would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm to you our commitment to provide the highest quality healthcare, which includes all reproductive health options that we can provide as well as referrals for services that we do not provide.

We also want to remind you all that birth control is available at no cost to students through whatever insurance they have. If you have UC SHIP, we can provide that care at Student Health. If you don't have UC SHIP we can still provide the service, but there might be some out of pocket costs.

Please visit our website ( and join our Appointment Desk Qless Line for any questions you might have.

And finally, please keep in mind that mental health support is available through Student Health, CAPS, and the UCSB wellness site:

We hope you stay well. 


UCSB Student Health