Telehealth Visits:

Individual appointments with your healthcare provider

Telehealth visits are conducted Monday ā€“ Friday by phone or zoom video.

  •  Acne Visit (Initial and Follow-up)
  •  Moles or Other Skin Lesion (if you have a changing mole or lesion please make an in-person appointment by joining a Qless line (virtual phone).
  •  Nail, Hair or Scalp Problem
  •  Rash
  •  Birth Control Problems
  •  IUD or Implant Remove/Renew
  •  Irregular Periods or Cycles
  • Try to find a quiet, private place, headphones are recommended
  • Test your device to be sure zoom is functioning
  • A reminder with the link will be sent to you in advance of your appointment

Please check-in 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you check-in 5 or more minutes late, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.  

  1. Log in to the Patient Portal Gateway
  2. Select the "Appointments" menu
  3. Select "Appointment Check-In"
  4. Specify your location and select "OK"
  5. Register for the appointment (one-time, if required)
  6. Select "Click here to join the meeting." or "Join Meeting" from the Appointments page
  7. Your clinician will join the appointment after you have checked-in

You can cancel your appointment on the Patient Portal Gateway or by calling (805) 893-3371.