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Masks are required at Student Health



Exemption Forms and Process

The COVID-19 Vaccine Policy allows Medical Exemptions, Disability Accommodations, or Religious Exceptions. Individuals who are pregnant may also request a deferral for the duration of the pregnancy.

All exception or deferral consideration requests must be received by campus no later than September 9, 2021, to comply with UC policy. Individuals not immunized or who have not submitted a request for a medical exception by the deadline will not be allowed to access campus facilities. 

Employees and students who receive approved exceptions or deferrals, or have pending requests, will be required to wear a face-covering, complete a Daily COVID-19 Screening Survey, and undergo weekly campus COVID-19 testing. 

Medical Exemption

Use this form to request a Medical Exemption for Students Only.

Note: Your medical provider must sign and complete this form. Medical exemption requests will be evaluated by the Student Health Medical Director.

Religious Exception

Use this form to request a Religious Exception

Requests will be reviewed and it may take a few days for your compliance status to be updated. 


Deferral Request

Use this form to request a deferral for pregnant individuals

How to Submit your Forms

Send the document as an attachment to

OR Fax the form to 805-893-3593


Now that I'm vaccinated can I stop testing?  Yes 

You need to provide proof of vaccination by uploading your information to the Student Health portal.

NOTE: It must be two weeks post vaccine to qualify.

Where can I get a vaccine?  

In California:
 register at My Turn

Outside of California:




  • Log on to Patient Portal Gateway
  • Choose "medical clearances" on the left
  • Scroll to the bottom under "additional items NOT required for clearance," choose "COVID immunization data," click "update"
  • Take a picture of your vaccination card and upload the image
  • Verify the upload and if it looks ok, click "Looks Good"
  • Enter the dates of your immunization(s) and the type of vaccine you had, choose "done" 


For step-by-step directions click this: Uploading Covid-19 Vaccine Information


Finding your COVID-19 vaccination record 

1) For COVID vaccines given at UCSB

a) Students - can find it in PNC through the Patient Portal Gateway 

b) Staff & faculty - this feature is not yet available. 

2) For everyone who received a COVID vaccine in California 

The records are stored in a system called CAIR2. Below is what is posted on their website.

To get your records, fill out this ONLINE FORM

Note: must upload a current copy of a valid government-issued ID with a picture (e.g. current driver’s license/passport).