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Now that I'm vaccinated can I stop testing?

Yes. You need to provide proof of vaccination by uploading your information to the Student Health portal.


Where can I get a vaccine?  

In California:
 register at My Turn

Outside of California:




  • Log on to Patient Portal Gateway
  • Choose "medical clearances" on the left
  • Scroll to the bottom under "additional items NOT required for clearance," choose "COVID immunization data," click "update"
  • Take a picture of your vaccination card and upload the image
  • Verify the upload and if it looks ok, click "Looks Good"
  • Enter the dates of your immunization(s) and the type of vaccine you had, choose "done" 


For step-by-step directions click this: Uploading Covid-19 Vaccine Information


Finding your COVID-19 vaccination record 

1) For COVID vaccines given at UCSB

a) Students - can find it in PNC through the Patient Portal Gateway 

b) Staff & faculty - this feature is not yet available. 

2) For everyone who received a COVID vaccine in California 

The records are stored in a system called CAIR2. Below is what is posted on their website.

To get your records, fill out this ONLINE FORM

Note: must upload a current copy of a valid government-issued ID with a picture (e.g. current driver’s license/passport).