Insurance Requirement

The University of California, Santa Barbara, as directed by the UC Regents, requires all students to have adequate health insurance. All registered students are automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) unless they choose to submit a waiver of enrollment and demonstrate that they have health insurance that meets the minimum health care coverage/benefits criteria established by the University of California. The distance requirement is 175 miles from the student’s residence while in Santa Barbara.



Waivers are not carried forward, you must submit a new waiver for each academic year. 

(Waiver Deadline Dates)


If you attempt to waive using Medi-Cal you must provide proof of active coverage (CA Benefits "BIC" Card does not suffice, you must include your Specific Plan Carrier Card or Eligibility Approval Letter showing active Medi-Cal Coverage).


For questions and inquiries, please email Academic Health Plans (AHP) at  AHP is a partner of UCSB Student Health and UC SHIP.


Your private insurance plan must provide UNRESTRICTED access to an in-network primary care physician (PCP), in-network hospital, and full non-emergency medical and behavioral health care within 175 miles of campus or student's place of residence while attending school (e.g. a PPO type plan).  Plans with assigned PCP must have one assigned within 175 miles of campus or student's place of residence while attending school.



You certify that the information provided is true and accurate and that your insurance plan meets the UC Standard Waiver Criteria required to waive out of UC Student Health Insurance. You understand that if this information is found to be inaccurate, invalid, or does not meet the criteria for waiving out of UC SHIP, you will be enrolled in UC SHIP and the SHS UC SHIP Fee will be billed to your student BARC account on a quarterly basis.

You agree to provide a copy of your health insurance card, or other documentation proving that you have current medical insurance, with your waiver request. This information will be used to verify and/or audit your medical coverage.  You understand that if you fail to provide this documentation, your waiver request will be denied and the premium for the full coverage period will be billed to your student BARC account.

You understand that the insurance information you provide will be verified when the waiver request is submitted and may be re-verified at various times throughout the academic year. If at any time your plan cannot be verified as eligible, you understand that your waiver will be denied and you will be enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan.

You agree that you will maintain health insurance which meets the University's criteria for medical coverage at all times while attending UCSB. If your medical insurance is terminated for any reason, or if your medical insurance plan changes, you will notify the UCSB SHS Insurance Office immediately.

For your own safety and financial protection you are responsible to ensure that your medical insurance plan covers services performed by local specialists, primary care providers, and emergency room medical staff. You have read this statement and acknowledge your responsibility to confirm that your medical insurance plan covers services rendered by medical providers, including emergency services, in the area local to your home campus (within 30 miles is recommended) while you are a UCSB student. You further acknowledge that lack of local network providers available under your health plan could result in a delay in receiving necessary medical or mental health care and/or may result in costly medical bills.

You understand that this waiver will remain in effect for the remainder of the entire academic year, unless the student withdraws or cancels their enrollment at UCSB. If you experience a loss of coverage or otherwise need to cancel the waiver you must reach out to the Insurance Office to request to cancel the waiver and to enroll in UCSHIP.

If you would like further information to help you decide if you should waive UC SHIP or stay enrolled, please contact the UCSB Student Health Insurance Office by email or Join the Line to speak with an Insurance Advisor.