(Report Negative Results only for EMPLOYEES desiring to end Isolation after infection earlier than 10 days)


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Quarantine Instructions (I was exposed to COVID-19, what do I do)

  • You do not need to quarantine as long as you have no symptoms of COVID-19 
  • Test within 3-5 days after last exposure
  • Persons previously infected with COVID-19 within the prior 30 days do not need to be tested unless symptoms develop. If the infection was within 31-90 days, testing with a COVID-19 rapid antigen home test is recommended, and if negative, multiple tests may be necessary.
  • Wear a well-fitting mask around others for 10 days, especially in indoor settings
  • If testing positive, follow the isolation recommendations
  • If symptoms develop, test and stay home. 

COVID-19 Positive Results

UCSB students and employees who test positive for COVID-19 on a laboratory test or home test, and those that are close contacts to cases will follow the isolation and quarantine instructions below. These instructions are consistent with the current California Department of Public Health.

Do not wait to be contacted by Contact Tracing to begin isolation or quarantine.  Please fill out the “COVID Positive Interview Questions” under the “New Message” option in the MyHealth Portal. Depending on the daily case and close contact volume, you may not be contacted.

CDC: What to do if you are sick

Isolation Instructions (I am COVID-19 positive, what do I do?)

Everyone who tests positive, regardless of vaccination status, will:

  • Stay home for at least 5 days.
  • Isolation can end after day 5 if symptoms are not present or are resolving and no fever is present for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications. 
  • If symptoms or fever is present, isolation should be continued for 10 days.
  • Wear a well-fitting mask around others for a total of 10 days, especially in indoor settings; the mask may be discontinued on day 6 or later if you obtain 2 negative rapid antigen COVID-19 home tests at least 24 hours apart. 

  • Students, staff and employees should fill out the "Isolation Release Survey" on day 6 or later under the MyHealth Portal "Surveys" tab, if they fill the criteria to be released from Isolation before the full 10 days have elapsed.


1) Please make sure your name and the date that you took your test are clearly written on your test or test result.
2) Upload your results:

  • Log in to the MyHealth Portal
  • Click on the Messages Menu
  • Select New Messages
  • Choose  "Self-Reported COVID-19 Lab Result"
  • If you have a copy of the test result, click the "Add Attachment" Button, Select Your Lab Result From Your Device, and be sure that your NAME and TEST DATE are written on the result (if you don't have a copy of your home test, you can skip this step)

After the File Is Attached Answer the Required Question and Press the Send Button to Send the Message With the Outside Lab Result Attached. Then please fill out the “COVID Positive Interview Questions” under the “New Message” option in the MyHealth Portal.


Individuals can be tested, treated, and prescribed treatment for COVID-19 by their own health care providers, including UCSB Student Health, and other sites of care.  COVID-19 medications must be taken within 5-7 days of symptoms starting to be effective. The federally-funded Test to Treat program, provides all these steps in one location.The California Department of Public Health is also providing a free service through (or call (888) 897-1244)  to support uninsured and underinsured individuals within the State of California who cannot connect with a healthcare provider within 24 hours of receiving a positive test result.  If you are insured, please try to reach your healthcare provider first.  If you have difficulty doing so within 24 hours of your positive result, you are eligible  for the free service.


Isolation: separates those infected with a contagious disease from people who are not infected.
Quarantine: restricts the movement of persons who were exposed to a contagious disease in case they become infected.
Duration of isolation or quarantine: To calculate the 5 or 10 days of isolation or quarantine, the date of either your positive test or the date that COVID-19 symptoms began is "Day 0." Then add 5 days to that date. For example, if your positive test date or the day symptoms began was January 1, add 5 days to that and your 5th day will be January 6.

Isolation and quarantine are proven public health interventions fundamental to reducing COVID-19 transmission. Isolation and quarantine processes are in place to slow the spread of the virus.