This page is designed for parents, friends, and partners of LGBTQI+ students. The purpose of this page is to share the resources offered at Student Health as well as the resources available through other UCSB campus departments. We understand that the LGBTQI+ community has many unique hurdles and we want to ensure that they are treated with equity.

We urge parents, friends, & partners to share these resources so that these individuals can get all of the necessary care needed while they are here at UCSB.

Student Health Resources

  • Psychological services & counseling with our Social Workers and/or Psychiatrists

  • Preventive services such as HIV PrEP and self-directed STI testing are readily available

  • The Alcohol and Drug Program provides counselors, events specifically for LGBTQ students.

  • Nutrition, eating disorder and body image counseling with nutrition specialists.

Online Resources

AGLP is an independent organization from the American Psychiatric Association, but works closely with APA through LGBT representation on the APA Assembly (the LGB Caucus of the APA).

The HEI is a unique and invaluable resource for healthcare organizations seeking to provide equitable, inclusive care to LGBT Americans--and for LGBT Americans seeking healthcare organizations with a demonstrated commitment to their care.

NMAC develops leadership in communities of color to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Since 1987, NMAC has advanced this mission through a variety of programs and services, including: a public policy education, national and regional training conferences, a treatment and research program, numerous electronic and materials and a website.

This CDC page provides information and resources on some of the health issues and inequities affecting LGBTQ communities. Links to other information sources and resources are also provided. Some of this information is designed for members of the general public. Other information has been developed for health care providers, public health professionals, and public health students.

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is the nation’s leading social justice advocacy organization winning life-saving change for transgender people.

NCTE was founded in 2003 by transgender activists who recognized the urgent need for policy change to advance transgender equality. With a committed board of directors, a volunteer staff of one, and donated office space, they set out to provide a powerful transgender advocacy presence in Washington, D.C.

For a list of transgender terminology, click here.

On Campus Resources

RCSGD, through the RCSGD students learn about programs and events throughout the year for the LGBTQ community

H&W, provides ongoing events and workshops on gender, sexuality and overall well-being.

CAPS, offers queer and queer friendly counselors that can help you with anything you might be going through, as well as discussion groups for gay, bisexual and questioning men; lesbian, bisexual and questioning women; and trans people

MCC, has a lot of diverse and interesting films, performances, and events throughout the year as well as a study lounge.

There is a residential hall called the Rainbow House that offers housing, programs, events, and support for all Queer people and their Allies on campus. For other housing options visit:  UCSB Housing LGBTQ gender-inclusive-housing


We welcome your input on how we can improve our services related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students. email:

For more information call (805) 893-3368.