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Immunization Information


UC Immunization Requirements

NOTE: Click the link above to see more information about Entry Immunization Compliance and the new Influenza Executive Order.

Appointment Scheduling for Registered Students Only

Appointments are needed for all vaccines (Schedule Online) or if you are uncertain which immunization(s) you need, schedule an Immunization Compliance appointment online or Join the Line to speak with the Appointments Desk.

Special Instructions

Travel Specific Vaccines:

  • Travel Specific vaccines such as Yellow Fever require a travel consult appointment. Request your appointment online here or see Travel Immunization for more details

Tuberculosis Testing

  • If you are a registered student and would like TB testing log on to your Gateway portal and request Tuberculosis screening by selecting “Messages”. There will be an option that states "I want (TB) testing..". Complete the questionnaire and you will receive a response from a nurse within 4 business days.

  • All incoming students are required to complete a Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire. Students with a high risk for tuberculosis must also provide documentation of Tuberculosis testing. To complete the questionnaire, log on to your Gateway portal and select Medical Clearances to start your TB process.

To submit by Email or Fax you must include your:

  • Full Name
  • Perm Number
  • Date of Birth


UC SHIP covers vaccinations at 100%.

  • If you are a Registered Student with an outside insurance plan you are eligible to receive vaccines at Student Health, and the charges will be billed to BARC. You can later print out an itemized billing statement, available via Gateway, and submit this information to your private insurance for possible reimbursement.

  • If you are a Non-Student and would like to have a vaccination at Student Health you may be eligible to receive vaccines. Payment will be required at the time of service. Payment must be by credit card ONLY.