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Eating Disorders


Eating disorders are complex and require several treatment modalities.

These include:

• medical monitoring
• psychological counseling
• nutrition support

Students who are returning from day or residential treatment programs:

Anyone struggling with an eating disorder should be aware that the demands of college will increase the likelihood of relapse. It is essential that students prioritize their health and recovery over their academic demands.

Eating Disorder Support at UCSB

After an initial visit and assessment with a medical provider at Student Health, the student will meet with the other providers. After these visits, one of three recommendations may be made:

  • If the student is stable enough to continue to meet the demands of college life, support is available on campus. We have a multi-disciplinary approach that includes nutrition, medical, and counseling services.
  • Outpatient treatment typically includes a referral into the Santa Barbara community for long-term psychotherapy. Student Health will provide information on health care providers in the community who specialize in eating disorder treatment.
  • In the event that a higher level of care is needed, and the student needs to temporarily withdraw from college, the student is referred to a program that offers residential care.