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Patient Feedback

How To Submit Feedback About Your UCSB Student Health Experience

Your feedback and comments are important to us! Sharing your experiences will help us improve the quality of the services that we provide. If you would like to provide feedback in the form of a complaint, concern, compliment, or question, then you may do so in the following ways:

  1. Complete our Student Health Patient Satisfaction Survey.

    You may complete the survey anonymously. If you would like to discuss your feedback further, the recommended method is to send an email. Further steps are listed below.

  2. Send an email to our Student Health email.

    If you’d like to receive a response when sending an email, please specify and include your name and student ID #. We will contact you within 5 business days.

Your feedback helps us identify areas where further improvement may be needed. All comments about patient care we receive are confidentially reviewed in our Medical/Quality Improvement Committee, during which a select group of our clinicians analyze the outcome and determine if any future changes are needed.

Non-Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, & Abuse Reporting

If you, a friend, or co-workers have experienced or have been impacted by Sexual Assault, Relationship Abuse, Family Violence, and/or Stalking, please do not use the above methods for reporting these types of incidents. Please contact: