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Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirement

Tuberculosis (TB) screening is available ONLINE ONLY

1. Go to

2. Go into Gateway Secure login

3. Click on Messages, then New Message

4. Complete the questionnaire and submit

Your completed questionnaire will be reviewed by a nurse within 2 working days and you will be contacted via secure email with instructions on what you need to do to complete your TB screening process.

This is available for REGISTERED STUDENTS ONLY. If you are an incoming student you will able to use this service beginning on your first attendance date.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When must I submit my online Immunization Record/TB screening?

A: You must complete the Tuberculosis Risk Screening process and enter your vaccine immunization information prior to registering for classes. There might be a hold on your registration until you have completed ALL steps of this process.

Q: What does the Tuberculosis (TB) clearance process look like?

A: The 1st step is to complete a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire via the Student Health Gateway.

  • If your TB Risk Screening shows you to have no risks factors for TB, you should expect to receive a secure message within 7 business days confirming you are compliant with this requirement.
  • If your TB Risk Screening shows you to be at higher risk, you will need to have further testing completed.
  • Once any additional testing is complete and your doctor has determined you are free of active TB, your doctor must complete and sign the TB Health Assessment Form. The completed/signed form must be returned in any of the following ways:
  • Email to
  • Fax to 805-893-3593
  • Online via Student Health Gateway by logging in and selecting “Immunization Status” in the left column menu.
  • Your clinician (PCP) can email the TB Health Assessment Form or fax to 805-893-3593.

Remember the following:

  1. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the TB Health Assessment Form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and you will NOT be cleared.
  2. Confirmation of receipt of your document is not possible.
  3. Once you have uploaded the TB Health Assessment Form and any required documentation, our staff will review your records and notify you by the Student Health Gateway Secure-Messaging of your compliance status. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

Q: I was asked to complete a Tuberculosis Health Assessment Form but have lost the form?

A: You can click the link TB Health Assessment Form or go to the Student Health University Immunization Requirements webpage.

For questions:

email or

Join the Line to speak with an Immunization Advisor