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Lens Options

There are several options when it comes to choosing lenses. We look forward to helping you select the one that best suits your prescription. Lens materials differ quite a bit. Some are heavier than others and some types are more durable. 

Materials most commonly used for sunglass lenses:

  • polycarbonate, a durable lightweight plastic
  • CR-39, a plastic used mostly in prescription-grade lenses

Glass Lenses

While glass lenses are the most scratch-resistant and provide the best optical quality, they are heavier and thicker than other materials.

Plastic Lenses

Lighter than glass lenses, plastic lenses are also less scratch-resistant. Special coatings can help make them more resilient.

High Index Plastic Lenses

Thinner and lighter than standard plastic, high index lenses also have the benefit of providing scratch resistance and UV protection without a tint. We recommend them for high prescriptions because they minimize edge thickness.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Similar in benefit to high index plastic lenses, these have the added advantage of being extremely resistant to impact. For that reason, we recommend polycarbonate lenses for safety glasses and for children's eyewear.