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Clinical Nurse Services


Clinical Nurses are available to see all students.

To Speak with an Clinical Nurse:

The Clinical Nurse is available during Student Health regular hours.

If contacting after hours or on the weekend, you may experience a delayed response.

After Hour Nurseline: 1-877-351-3457.


Clinical Nurse Services:

Are available to assist you by providing information health-related questions and self-treatment of:

  • mild illnesses
  • injuries
  • if needed, making appointments with appropriate clinicians

They also provide:

  • routine immunizations
  • tuberculosis screening
  • assess upper respiratory infections, including strep testing
  • assess and treat uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women
  • address contraception and sexually transmitted infection (STI) questions
  • remove sutures/staples
  • perform first aid on minor wounds.

UC SHIP Waived Students:

For students waived out of UC Student Health Insurance Plan  (UCSHIP), there may be a charge added to their BARC account for some services.

The Clinical Nurse will discuss any applicable fees prior to proceeding.