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Cancelling Your Insurance Waiver



If you plan to cancel your waiver status for the next quarter and enroll in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), you must notify the Student Health Insurance Office.

Note: This needs to be done before the start of the quarter.   



Loss-of-Coverage - due to Qualifying Event

(after the quarter begins)

If you cancel your waiver due to loss of coverage after the quarter has begun
, you must show proof by providing documentation from your previous insurance provider stating loss-of-coverage.

Note: you will be charged for the full quarter insurance premium.


Coverage Effective Dates - after Waiver Cancellation:

  • within 31 days of your current coverage, your UC Ship Insurance will begin the day following your loss of coverage.
  • after 31 days loss of coverage, your UC SHIP Insurance will begin the day after you notified us of your loss of coverage.

For additional information, feel free to send us an