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Voluntary & Dependent Enrollment 2020-21

Dependent Coverage

Undergraduate and Graduate students who are enrolled in UC SHIP have the option to enroll eligible dependents in a voluntary insurance plan. The plan provides Anthem Blue Cross PPO medical insurance with the option to purchase Delta Dental and Vision benefits. The cost of insurance premiums for voluntary coverage is paid directly to Academic HealthPlans (AHP). Student Health Services DOES NOT manage the enrollment or collect payments for the dependent plan.

Coverage of eligible dependents will not be effective prior to that of the insured student or extended beyond that of the insured student. Dependent enrollment or re-enrollment in the plan is not automatic. Eligible dependents must be re-enrolled in each subsequent term in order to continue coverage under the dependent plan - see important deadline dates below.

If a student decides to dis-enroll their dependent(s) during an academic term, then the premiums are non-refundable. Dependents are not eligible to receive care at Student Health Service and they do not need a referral from SHS to receive services from community providers.

Documentation to Show Proof of Dependent Status

Students are required to provide proof of dependent status when enrolling their dependents in the plan. The following documents are acceptable:

  • Spouse - marriage certificate
  • Domestic Partner - a Declaration of Domestic Partnership issued by the State of California or another country or state jurisdiction.
  • Natural Child - a birth certificate showing the student is the parent of the child
  • Stepchild - a birth certificate and a marriage certificate showing that one of the parents listed in the birth certificate is married to the student
  • Adopted or Foster Child - documentation from the placement agency showing that the student has the legal right to control the child's health care

To enroll a Graduate or Undergraduate dependent in the Medical, Dental and Vision Plans via AHP's web portal: Dependent Enrollment Link

Premium Cost Sheets:  Undergrad Dependent   |   Graduate Dependent

Academic HealthPlans (AHP)
(855) 871-9549
Fax: (855) 858-1964
3500 William D. Tate Ave., Suite 200
Grapevine, TX 76051

Please click here for all qualifying event enrollments (marriage/divorce, loss of prior coverage, newborns, etc.). The form must be submitted within 31 days of your qualifying event date:

Graduate Students on Approved Leave of Absence (LOA)

UC Santa Barbara graduate students who are on an "approved leave of absence" may purchase UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) coverage per quarter for a maximum of two quarters by contacting Academic HealthPlans (AHP) at (855) 871-9549. The cost of insurance premiums for voluntary enrollment is paid directly to AHP. The deadline to enroll is normally within 31 days of the first day of the quarter (see specific dates below).

Please note that a student who withdraws from UCSB is not considered to be on an "approved leave of absence." Also the student must have been covered by UC SHIP in the term immediately preceding the term for which the student wants to purchase coverage, or if the student waived enrollment in the prior coverage period, they must show proof of loss of the plan that was previously used to waive. Proof of loss means an official letter of termination from the insurance carrier. Please use the enrollment form that corresponds to your academic program based upon either the quarter or semester system.

To enroll in the Medical, Dental and Vision Plans during Approved Leave of Absence via AHP's web portalGrad Enrollment Link

Premium Cost Sheets:  Graduate Voluntary

Academic HealthPlans (AHP)
(855) 871-9549
Fax: (855) 858-1964
3500 William D. Tate Ave., Suite 200
Grapevine, TX 76051


Dates & Deadlines

Graduate Voluntary & Dependents:
Graduate Voluntary Enrollment Dates

Undergraduate Dependents:
Undergraduate Dependent Enrollment Dates