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Insurance Overview

Welcome to UC Santa Barbara Student Health Insurance!  Our Insurance Advocates are happy to assist you with all your insurance needs.

Insurance Requirement

The University of California Regents mandate that all students be covered by a health insurance plan. All registered full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students are automatically enrolled in the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), unless they choose to submit a waiver request and demonstrate that they have health insurance that meets the University’s minimum criteria for health care coverage. The premium for UC SHIP is included in your total cost of attendance and you will be automatically charged each quarter. If you already have comparable insurance and you do not want to keep UC SHIP as dual coverage, you must submit a request to waive enrollment (opt-out) by the specified deadline.

What is UC SHIP?

UC SHIP is a comprehensive insurance plan which includes Medical, Vision, Dental, and Pharmacy coverage. UC SHIP is an affordable health insurance plan tailored to the health care needs of UCSB students. The medical plan features year-round, worldwide coverage using the Anthem Blue Cross network, and includes prepaid access to care at the UCSB Student Health Center for illness or injury. UC SHIP provides optimal coverage for services in the Santa Barbara community, and peace of mind for both parents and students. To directly access the UC SHIP website please see


Are you considering waiving UC SHIP?

Students (and parents) should ask: “Am I sufficiently covered to ensure that my career at UCSB will be successful?” Please consider the following:

Many insurance plans will only cover urgent care or emergency room services outside of the plan's network. Some insurance plans require that you visit their own network providers to receive care such as minor illnesses, lab tests, X-rays, or care by specialists, and in some cases such networks may not be available within a reachable distance from UC Santa Barbara where you will be spending most of your time while attending school.

Many students enroll in UC SHIP to supplement their existing coverage.

NEW Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students!

Depending on your financial need, you may be eligible to have your UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) premium fully or partially covered by a UC Health Insurance Grant from the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Please note that your financial aid award will change if you waive out of UC SHIP. For more info click here

Using Your Health Insurance at Student Health

All registered UCSB students have access to in-clinic services provided by Student Health Services (except those who are defined as 'Student Employees' by the Registrar's Office). However, only those who are enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) have financial coverage for medical, mental health, dental, vision, prescription and travel insurance benefits provided by the full plan.

*PLEASE NOTE* Student Health does not bill directly to any outside insurance policy carriers, so a waived student will be charged individual fees to their BARC billing account for visits and services received at Student Health. If you waive out of UC SHIP we encourage you to purchase our Gaucho Access Plan for a flat fee (charged quarterly) that gives prepaid access to most UCSB Student Health services without having to pay those additional individual fees. 

Waived students who do not purchase GAP may download an itemized receipt for services so that they may personally submit their own separate claim to their outside insurance company. Click here for instructions on printing out itemized billing statements from Student Health.

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