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Social Work Services


Student Health Social Work provides confidential services focused on enhancing and supporting student health and wellness.  Through these services, we seek to assist students in achieving academic, social, and personal success.

There are many great opportunities and experiences possible at UCSB, but not everyone will make it through college without facing some challenges, barriers, or needs that interfere with their goals.  Through a collaborative and integrated approach, we work with students to problem solve, build their coping skills, and connect with needed resources to overcome obstacles to wellness and success - whether they are medical, emotional, social, academic, financial, or family-related.  Through this process, we actively engage with our partners on campus and in the community to collaborate in providing students the best help possible.


We specialize in:

  • Comprehensive psycho/social evaluations
  • Psychiatric Crisis Intervention, Stabilization, and Aftercare
  • Complex needs counseling
  • Community linkage and referrals for behavioral and physical health needs
  • Academic Adjustments or Withdrawal/Leave support
  • Support with returning to UCSB after extended leave
  • ADHD Screening
  • Medical care support or advocacy- for new or chronic conditions
  • Insurance Consultation
  • Continuity of care support when leaving or graduating from UCSB



To speak to us via phone Join a Qless Line!

For information on Attention Deficit Disorder see ADD/ADHD. For resources: ADD Resources.

The guide "Responding to Distressed Students" is an online resource for providing information that may help in recognizing and responding to students in distress and making appropriate referrals.