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Gaucho Health Insurance 2014-2015

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Benefit Changes

The 2014-15 Gaucho Health Insurance plan benefits were recommended by the Gaucho Health Insurance Advisory Committee.  This Committee, comprised of representatives from various campus departments and both undergraduate and graduate students, meets throughout the year to analyze the current plan and propose recommendations for the next year's plan.  The recommendation are based on evaluation of benefit utilization and cost effectiveness.  The changes from the 2013-2014 GHI plan are as follows:


$300 annually


85% in network, 60% out-of-network

Out-of-pocket maximum

$5,000 per year, in-and out-of-network combined


Undergraduate and Graduate Students premiums are the same:

Quarterly:  $856.27 (paid 3 times a year; spring covers through summer)

Annually:  $2,568.81

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Waiver Information

Waiver Deadlines:

Fall Quarter:  EXPIRED

Winter Quarter:  December 14, 2014

Spring Quarter:  March 8, 2015

For more information on waiver deadlines, criteria, and the appeal process, please visit the waiver page