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Waiving/Unwaiving Health Insurance

The Fall Quarter 2019 waiver site opened on April 22, 2019 and will close on September 21, 2019. To check your current waiver status, click on the "Gateway Patient Portal" link in the upper left column of this website.

Students will need to submit an insurance waiver (opt-out) every academic year unless notified by the Insurance Office that their insurance coverage was verified and the waiver can be extended into the new academic year. Students should check their University emails to ensure that we were able to successfully verify their coverage and extend the waiver, or if additional information is needed. Insurance coverage verification for Fall 2019 will begin in late April 2019, and students should expect email notification by the end June 2019.

The Insurance office performs routine semi-annual verification of insurance plans for students who were granted a waiver from the mandatory UCSB student health insurance program. Many insurance plans change every January, and those students who fail the verification will be notified in a series of emails and/or text communications asking for proof of current insurance coverage. If a student does not provide their updated proof of insurance coverage for verification, they will be charged the quarterly premium for UC student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) on the Spring quarter BARC statement. Spring premiums cover all of summer until Fall quarter begins.

If students or their parents have any questions and/or concerns, please contact us immediately at or call (805) 893-2592.


Quarter           Waiver Period Opens             Free Waiver Deadline            Waiver Period Closes
                                                                                                                         With $50 Late Waiver Fee
FSSP               April 22, 2019                           August 2, 2019                      Sept. 1, 2019 (If not used)
TEP                 April 22, 2019                           June 21, 2019                        July 5, 2019 (If not used)
Fall                  April 22, 2019                           September 1, 2019                September 21, 2019
Winter             November 1, 2019                    December 15, 2019               January 5, 2020
Spring             February 5, 2020                       March 1, 2020                        March 29, 2020

The UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) fee is removed from your BARC account within 3 -5 business days of being approved. If your UC SHIP Health Fee is not removed from your BARC account after 5 business days please contact the Insurance Office. Thank you for your patience!

PLEASE NOTE: All waiver requests are electronically verified prior to the start of each quarter (including Fall). If the information in the waiver is not verified as correct by the insurance company, the waiver will be denied, the premium for UC SHIP will appear on the billing statement (BARC) and the student will be enrolled in UC SHIP.

For more information:

call the Insurance Office at (805) 893-2592 or
email your questions to: