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Preferred name, pronouns and gender identity

Change your preferred name, pronouns and gender identity in the confidential Student Health records! Log in to our Gateway portal and choose “Profile” from the left menu list. Once on this page you can edit any of the above information.

The information you enter in the Student Health records will be protected and kept confidential, and not over-ridden by any changes you make in GOLD from the Registrar or in the NET ID entries from campus identity services.

Student Health has several different software systems that administer the electronic medical records across our specialized departments. The systems in PHARMACY and DENTAL CARE CENTER do not currently have the capacity to electronically accept this information, so we will be manually entering it in those systems. We will do our best to keep that information updated, but if we miss your changes, please alert the staff of those units to update your preferences if they do not have them.

Student Health is actively working with other campus departments, and the Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity, to find a unified solution across campus that would allow students to enter this information in one central location, with specifications on who it can be released to. Until then, we have this option for students to enter the information in the Student Health GATEWAY portal so that our staff can honor your preferences.