Dispose of drugs 9/27/14- no questions asked! For more information click on the DEA website.

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The Student Health Pharmacy is available to all registered students. We specialize in college health and stock prescription medications as well as over-the-counter products. Our pharmacy prices are set to recover costs, and are most often considerably less than those in the local community.

The pharmacy is licensed by the California State Board of Pharmacy and staffed with clinical pharmacists and  licensed pharmacy technicians that provide a full range of prescription and pharmacy consultative services. Prescriptions ordered by both UCSB Student Health providers and outside providers may be filled at our pharmacy. The services include:

  • 90-day supply option
  • Mail order delivery
  • Clinical pharmacist consultation
  • Prescription drug information
  • Assistance with over-the-counter products selection
  • Screening for drug interactions, allergies and therapeutic duplications

All questions directed to the pharmacist, as well as all prescription records, are confidential. Charges for pharmacy items are placed on your BA/RC account or you can pay with you UCSB Access Card. To ensure your privacy, charges on your BA/RC account are not itemized; your statement will only show “Student Health Service” and the total amount charged.For students that do not have a BA/RC account charges may be billed to a credit card (Mastercard or VISA).

To see when we are open, go to the Student Health home page under hours and check the calendar page under events for special closure times and summer schedule.

Students have the option of utilizing the pharmacy of their choice and may take prescriptions written by Student Health providers to outside pharmacies for filling.