Travel Health

If you are planning to study abroad, participate in research, or travel to a developing country, you are encouraged to utilize our travel clinic services. 

Travel Preparation Tips:

A travel appointment  should be made 6- 8 weeks prior to departing.   (Several vaccines need to be given at specific intervals in order to avoid adverse interactions and to provide adequate protection.) 

During times of high volume it may take up to 4 weeks to obtain a travel appointment.
Bring your immunization records with you (see FAQs).
We must know all of your potential destination countries at the time of your visit.
Be prepared to receive immunization(s) on the day of your appointment.

Fees may apply for immunizations and/or visits.

Services offered to travelers include:travel & immun. sticker

Individualized consultations for information regarding foreign travel including current recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control and International Society of Travel Medicine.

●All recommended and required immunizations and International Certificates of Vaccination

●Prescriptions and information for prevention of malaria and other illnesses

●Up-to-date, country specific health and travel advisories

Vaccine Information:
Vaccines are available at SHS.

Please read the vaccination information sheet for all vaccinations you plan to receive at your appointment.

Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS)

Meningitis B (Bexsero) Fact Sheet