Yellow Fever Immunization

International Yellow Fever vaccine shortage

Due to a temporary interruption in production of the only yellow fever vaccine (YF-Vax ®) licensed in the United States by the primary manufacturer in the world (Sanofi Pasteur), there is an international shortage of the Yellow Fever vaccine. We no longer have Yellow Fever YF-Vax ® vaccine at UCSB Student Health.

Yellow Fever vaccine is required or recommended for travel to many countries in Africa and South America-see for more information.  If you have already had a Yellow Fever vaccine, you do not need to be revaccinated.

If you will be traveling to a destination where the Yellow Fever vaccine is required or recommended, and you have never had a Yellow Fever vaccination, you will be referred to Sansum Travel Clinic, (805) 898-3530, in Santa Barbara for your Yellow Fever vaccination and your travel consult. This clinic is offering Stamaril ®, another yellow fever vaccine licensed in other countries, and available in the US through an Expanded Access Investigational New Drug Application (IND) at limited locations.


UC SHIP will cover the cost of the travel consult (there will be a $25 co-pay) and the cost of Stamaril ® and any other travel vaccines you may need for your destination country. Please contact Kim Finegold, FNP, through the Gateway Portal for a referral to the Sansum Travel Clinic. Bring your UC SHIP ID Card to the appointment with you and ask that they submit the bill to Anthem/Blue Cross insurance for payment.

Those who have their own private insurance or Gaucho Access Plan (GAP), should contact their insurance provider for information as to whether your travel consult and/or the Stamaril ®, vaccine will be covered.  The Yellow Fever vaccine, Stamaril ® cost at Sansum is $205.00. The travel consult visit at Sansum will be approximately $195.00.

Alternatively, you could seek vaccination with Stamaril ®, and your travel consult, at another clinic. The website listing Stamaril ® providers in the United States is

Student Health will continue to do EAP Health Clearances.  We will also offer travel visits for students who have already had the Yellow Fever Vaccine or who will be traveling to countries that don’t require or recommend Yellow Fever Vaccine.

Announcement: Temporary Total Depletion of US Licensed Yellow Fever Vaccine Addressed by Availability of Stamaril Vaccine at Selected Clinics | Travelers' Health | CDC