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UC SHIP Referral Requirement


If you are enrolled in SHIP as a student and you need non-emergency or non-urgent medical care within 50 miles of UCSB, you must first go to Student Health for treatment during our regular hours of operation. Student Health will help you locate providers and issue referrals to medical providers when additional care or a specialist is needed. Covered dependents must seek care from off-campus providers and do not require referrals.

Student Health is the student’s medical home. You may choose from among Student Health providers for your primary, wellness care, some specialty care, and other services. Your Student Health Provider will diagnose and treat most illnesses, coordinate all of your health care and provide a Referral if you need care outside of Student Health. With the Referral in hand you choose from Network Providers or Out-of-Network Providers. Review the benefits listed in this Benefit Booklet to determine your most cost-effective option.

Referrals are made at the sole and absolute discretion of Student Health. The Referral does not guarantee payment or coverage, and your Deductible, Copayment or Coinsurance may apply. The services you obtain must be Medically Necessary and a covered benefit under this Plan. Exceptions: students are not required to obtain a Student Health referral for Emergency or urgent care, LiveHealth Online, pediatric dental or vision for members under age 19, or services of a pediatrician, obstetrician, or gynecologist.