Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

advises Student Health Service (SHS) so that we can better respond to the needs of our students and our campus community.

All UCSB students are invited to attend.


When? October 16 and November 27th
Time?  6:00 -7:00pm (it's ok to show up late/leave early if you need to)
Where? Student Health Conference Room.
RSVP For Student Interns: Please email  with your name, perm #, and which department you work for (if applicable).
FREE pizza!!!

The specific functions of SHAC are to:

  • Create an organized dialogue between students and administration about student health needs
  • Provide program and service advice/consultation.
  • Advise SHS regarding insurance  and student impact.
  • Identify educational/informational needs of students.
  • Address barriers related to seeking care and provide user feedback around accessibility and ease of use.
  • Assess emerging student issues and keep SHS connected to student life and campus.
  • Give campus administrators planning advice given student needs and budget constraints.
  • Assess perception of SHS services.
  • Provide student input through additional channels such as hiring and other SHS committees.

Questions about SHAC?

Staff Members:

- Ali Javanbakht, Medical Director, Student Health
- Betsy Malear, Asst. Director, Student Health Promotion
- Luz Vega, Health Marketing Assistant, Student Health
- Erycah Taylor, Health Marketing Assistant, Student Health