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Coronavirus Update

We are monitoring the situation closely and will update the community as new information becomes available. 

It is important to understand that any individual who is identified as being in contact with someone who is suspected of having COVID-19, or any other mandated reportable illness, will be notified directly by County Public Health Department in coordination with Campus Officials.



For NON-URGENT questions, leave a message:

By phone: (805) 893-7129



During business hours: Student Health Nurse Triage Line: (805) 893-7129

After hours: (877) 351-3457

Santa Barbara Public Health: (833) 688-5551



Keeping you safe...

  • Student Health screens everyone entering the building at a single point of entry
  • Mask wearing is mandatory for everyone
  • We have separate waiting areas for "routine" care (not ill)
  • We have adequate supplies of PPE
  • We have rigorous disinfection practices
  • And, we have telehealth appointments to optimize physical distancing