Patient Rights and Responsibilities at SHS

At Student Health we believe that the highest quality health care results from a partnership between the Student Health Service, the practitioner, and the patient. It is important that as patients you understand and exercise both your rights and your responsibilities in order to facilitate an effective partnership in the health care process.

It is your right to:

    be respected
    be treated with consideration and dignity
    be provided with privacy and confidentiality in all communications and records pertaining to your care
    know the names and credentials of people serving you
    participate in decisions involving your health care
    accept or decline care and treatment
    request a chaperone during office visits
    refuse to participate in experimental research
    know the fees for services
    review your medical records
    designate a decision make and formulate an Advance Directive
    request to change health care providers
    receive an explanation of your care

    It is your responsibility to:

    provide complete and accurate information about your medical history
    report any changes in your health
    follow agreed upon health care and medical instructions
    respect other students and Student Health personnel
    make/keep/cancel your appointment
    accept financial responsibility for any charges not covered by Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI)
    provide us with feedback for improving our services