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After Hours Care

Emergency Dental Care:

  • Doran Dobranzsky, DDS (805) 967-5671
  • Goleta Dental Practice (805) 683-7777
  • Walter Michajlenko, DDS, MD (Oral Surgeon) (805) 687-5541

After Hours Care (Medical, VIsion, Dental, and Pharmacy) Sheet

Video visits are available when Student Health isn't open are at or call 1-888-LiveHealth (1-888-548-3432). 

There is a small charge for medical care between $25 - 49, depending on your insurance coverage, and more for psychology and psychiatry visits.

The University does not recommend, endorse, warrant or guarantee any specific provider of medical services, or any product or service that they may offer and will not be a party to any transaction between you and such providers. The names of these medical providers are for your information only. As with the purchase of any product or service it is your responsibility to use your best judgment in the selection of an appropriate medical provider.