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Refilling a Prescription

The best way to refill your prescription is online.

ONLINE through Gateway:

  1.  Login with your ID and password – click proceed
  2. Enter your date of birth Read through the information posted to help you complete this process
  3. (On the left-hand side) Click on messages
  4. Click on the top New Message
  5. Choose Prescription Refill Request – hit the continue button
  6. Fill in the requested information – note the options of requesting a 90-day supply and choosing mail order delivery instead of picking up in person –
  7. Hit the send button.

An email will be sent to you confirming we received your message with further instructions if necessary

COME INTO the Student Health Pharmacy

Bring your prescription bottle or have your prescription information with you.

NOTE: If there are no refills left on the prescription, the pharmacy staff will contact your provider. Please allow an additional 24 hours.