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Convenient Access to Birth Control


  • CALL (805) 893-2595 
  • Online through the Student Health Gateway Portal.
  • General questions can also be confidentially emailed to an Advice Nurse through Gateway Portal.

Birth control prescriptions...

may be refilled online if the original prescription came from Student Health, or students may bring in existing prescriptions from other sources to our Pharmacy to arrange transfer of the prescription. Prescriptions can also be mailed to you for your convenience.


STI Testing:

Testing for sexually-transmitted infections is easily available by submitting a request through the Student Health Gateway Portal.

Student Health offers convenient and readily available appointments to discuss all options for preventing unplanned pregnancies.

Because of this, UCSB pharmacists are not providing the “self-administered hormonal contraception protocol” recently authorized in California.

UCSB Student Health already has an existing system which quickly provides visits for all methods of birth control:

  • An initial medical visit providing education on all available methods and medical screening for any conditions which would make some methods less safe than others.
  • After the initial visit, hormonal contraception such as pills, rings, patches and injections can be prescribed for 12 months.
  • For those under the age of 21, refills may be authorized through an online process until age 21 (unless problems with the method develop).
  • UCSB Student Health follows national guidelines postponing routine Pap testing until age 21.