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UCSB Student Health offers FREE, convenient, and readily available appointments to discuss all options for preventing unplanned pregnancies.

We have clinicians with specialized knowledge and training available to assist you with the initiation and continuation of the birth control method that is right for you, including: pills, patch, ring, implants, IUDs, and more!



UCSB Student Health Comprehensive Contraceptive Care Includes

Already has an existing system that quickly provides visits for all methods of birth control

  • Education on all available methods of birth control 
  • Medical screening for any conditions would make some methods less safe than others
  • Same day start for many methods
  • Prescription contraception, such as pills, rings, patches, and injections prescribed for 12 months
  • Same-day appointments for emergency contraception

STI Testing

Testing for sexually-transmitted infections is easily available by submitting a request through the Patient Portal Gateway.


StI Testing


Birth Control Prescriptions

  • Can be filled at the UCSB Student Health pharmacy or can be electronically sent to the pharmacy of your choice.  
  • Refills may be requested online if the original prescription came from UCSB Student Health.
  • You may bring a prescription from other sources into our Pharmacy into arrange transfer of the prescription. 
  • Medications can be mailed to you for your convenience.

Birth control prescriptions are filled at no-cost for students with UC-SHIP.