EAP Travel Immunizations

Countries that Require Travel Immunization Appointments:
●Costa Rica
●Dominican Republic
 (Buenos Aires/Santiago)

To Schedule an EAP Travel Immunization Clinic Appointment:

1. Go the UCSB Student Health Gateway

2. Log on with your net ID and password.

3. (on the left-hand side) Click on messages.

4. Click on new message.

5. Select "Travel/Immunization Clinic Appointment Request."

You will receive a reply within 5 business days

Bring a copy of your immunization records and your certificate of completion for the EAP Online Travel Health Course.

Be prepared to be immunized on the day of your travel clinic appointment:

If your country is not listed above, a travel appointment is not required. (Make sure that you have completed your medical health clearance for travel).

While routine immunizations are not required for all travel destinations, we recommend you
make sure your vaccinations are complete and up to date. Please check your immunization

This information is often available from your parents, your doctor, or your high school. If you are
uncertain which immunizations are recommended, please visit the ACIP guidelines.

If you determine routine (not travel related) immunizations are needed and you wish to receive them in Student Health, you may come to our walk-in Immunization Clinic.

If you are uncertain what, if any, immunizations you need, please schedule an "Immunization Review" appointment online or by calling (805) 893-3371.

International Yellow Fever vaccine shortage

The manufacturer of yellow fever vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur, has informed the CDC that, due to a temporary cease in production of the Yellow Fever vaccine by the primary manufacturer in the world (Sanofi), there is an international shortage of the Yellow Fever vaccine.

As of September 2017, the UCSB Student Health Travel Clinic will have exhausted the supply of the Yellow Fever vaccine due to the international shortage.  Yellow fever vaccine is required or recommended for travel to many countries in Africa and South America-see https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2018/infectious-diseases-related-to-travel/yellow-fever for more information.  If you have already had a Yellow Fever vaccine, you  do not need to be revaccinated.

Once our supplies are exhausted, if you or your Travel Nurse determines that you need the Yellow Fever vaccine to accommodate your travel plans, you will be referred to Sansum Travel Clinic, (805) 898-3530, in Santa Barbara. This clinic is offering Stamaril, a French Yellow Fever vaccine that provides protection from the disease of Yellow Fever.  You will also need to have your travel visit performed by Sansum.  If you have GHI insurance, please contact your PCP or our Travel Clinic for a referral to Sansum. At this time, GHI is not covering the cost of this vaccine which, according to Sansum, is $205.00. The travel consult at Sansum will be $100.00-200.00. Please check with your insurance advisor to see how much of this cost would be covered by your insurance.

Student Health will continue to do EAP Health Clearances and travel visits for students who have already had the Yellow Fever Vaccine or will be traveling to countries that don’t require to recommend Yellow Fever Vaccine.

Announcement: Temporary Total Depletion of US Licensed Yellow Fever Vaccine Addressed by Availability of Stamaril Vaccine at Selected Clinics | Travelers' Health | CDC