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Travel FAQs

Q: How do I schedule a Travel Immunization Appointment?

      A. Go to Travel Immunization Appointments

Q: How do I get immunization records?

A: Check first with your parent/guardian. Your immunization records may also be available from your pediatrician/childhood provider or high school.

 Q: Does Student Health have my immunization records?

A: Student Health only has your immunization records if you (or your parent) submitted them to SHS.

 Q: Once I complete the EAP Medical Health Clearance online application, what happens next?

A: Check The Gateway messages frequently to see if you have been given additional requirements. Once all requirements are met, you will receive a message giving you directions on how to pick up your health clearance.

Q: Where do I get my host university medical forms?

A: Go to the UCEAP website to download forms at or contact your EAP advisor.

Q: How do I know my medication is legal in my destination country?

A: It is your responsibility to make sure your medication is legal and available in your host country. Check with your EAP advisor for the appropriate references.

Please carry a copy of your prescription(s) with you while abroad including the generic name(s).  Some countries also require a letter from your doctor stating the purpose of the medication.  

Q: How do I find out more about EAP insurance?

A: Contact your UCEAP or EAP advisor  for information.

Q: What vaccines are available at Student Health?

A. See Vaccine Information Sheets

Q: I missed the Student Health deadline for EAP Health Clearance, what should I do?

       A. Contact Joanne Uhrig at 805-893-3852 or by email