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Online Diagnosis and Treatment

UCSB has partnered with HealthLens to offer its students online dermatology visits. Now you can snap a few photos of any skin condition you’re concerned about and send it to a UCSB approved dermatologist.

The dermatologist will respond to within 2 business days with a diagnosis and treatment plan. If the treatment plan includes a prescription, it will be sent to your preferred pharmacy.

If the dermatologist cannot render a diagnosis online, he or she will ask you to come into the office for further examination.

These visits are secure, discreet, and covered by GHI. If you do not have GHI, most major insurances cover these online visits so check with your carrier. You may also pay out of pocket.

The most common uses for online dermatology visits are acne, poison oak, STIs, mole checks, and much more.

There are two amazing outside dermatologists who would be happy to see you for an online visit:

  • Kim Hurvitz, click here.
  • Christopher Schmidt, click here.

    Questions about the cost? Please check with the respective dermatologists’ office regarding their rates.