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If you’re already enrolled in a health plan that meets the University health coverage requirements, you may apply to waive (opt-out) enrollment in UC SHIP. To qualify for a waiver, your coverage must meet the benefit criteria established by the University of California. The distance requirement is 50 miles from the student’s residence while in Santa Barbara.

Parents and students should seriously consider whether the health insurance you choose will serve the student’s needs at UCSB, especially if the student has no access to private transportation. Students have experienced serious difficulties obtaining healthcare when their primary providers and access to prescriptions are located far from campus.

To waive (opt-out) UC SHIP coverage, evidence of health coverage must be uploaded to Student Health’s Gateway secure web portal AND confirmation received that waiver was accepted.  Email confirmation that the waiver  was approval will be sent to the students UMall account. Waiver Portal Link - Waiver Portal

If you would like further information to help you make your choice, please contact the UCSB Student Health Insurance Office at (805) 893-2592, or by email to


Quarter           Waiver Period Opens             Free Waiver Deadline            Waiver Period Closes
                                                                                                                         With $50 Late Waiver Fee

FSSP               April 22, 2019                           August 2, 2019                       Sept. 1, 2019 (If not used)
April 22, 2019                          June 21, 2019                          July 5, 2019 (If not used)
                 April 22, 2019                           September 1, 2019                 September 21, 2019
Winter             November 1, 2019                    December 15, 2019                January 5, 2020
           February 5, 2020                      March 1, 2020                          March 29, 2020