GHI coverage during Campus Absences

UCSB registered students who purchase Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI) with quarterly premiums have coverage for that academic quarter only. Spring quarter coverage continues throughout summer until the first day of Fall quarter.

Students with Withdrawal or Cancel status

  • Students who cancel their registration before the academic quarter begins are not eligible to purchase Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI) for that quarter. We encourage them to plan ahead before they leave UCSB to arrange other insurance coverage, and use Student Health Social Work Services for advice at no charge by calling (805) 893-3087 for an appointment.
  • Students who withdraw from a quarter after that academic quarter begins automatically retain their insurance. If a student does not wish to remain enrolled in GHI prior to the 43rd day of the term and has not utilized the insurance at SHS or off campus, a full premium refund may be requested by emailing or calling the UCSB Student Insurance Office at (805) 893-2592. Coverage will be cancelled as though it was never in effect for that term.
  • Students who withdraw on or after the 43rd day of the term will retain coverage for the balance of that term and no refund will be allowed.
  • Students with a Cancelled status will have all of their fees unassessed. You must call the Insurance Office and request that your insurance remain in effect.

GHI for Students on Approved Leave

  • “Approved Leave of Absence” status at UCSB is generally only granted to graduate students. Leave of Absence status is not available to undergraduates who wish to take time away from continuous registration, but in a limited number of cases it may be granted to undergraduates participating in an approved education abroad or other educational program sponsored by a non-UC campus.
  • UCSB students who are on an "Approved Leave of Absence" may purchase GHI Plan coverage per quarter for a maximum of two quarters by visiting Aetna Student Health (search UCSB) and enroll within 31 days of the first day of the quarter.
  • The student must have been covered by UCSB Gaucho Health Insurance in the term immediately preceding the term for which the student wants to purchase coverage, or, if the student waived enrollment in the prior coverage period, show proof of loss of the plan used to waive. Proof of loss means an official letter of termination from the insurance carrier.

There is no refund allowed for students who withdraw or cancel enrollment and have already utilized benefits under the insurance plan – the insurance premium must be paid.