Meningitis B Vaccines

Meningitis B vaccines are available at Student Health by making an appointment online through the Gateway Portal.

Students with GHI can get Men B vaccinations at Student Health for no charge as they are covered!

Students without GHI (this includes students with GAP) who need to be vaccinated:

  1. Get the vaccine at Student Health. Students are charged $195 per shot. The cost will be charged to the student’s BARC account. This can be submitted to insurance for possible reimbursement. More info here.
  2. Get the vaccine at a local provider that their health insurance covers. If that provider has the Men B vaccine, it should be covered since college students are considered a high-risk group.
  3. Get the vaccine during winter/Spring break with their healthcare provider at home. If that provider has the Men B vaccine.

We strongly recommend this vaccination for all students, and particularly for any student living in residence halls or socializing in groups including sports teams, fraternities and sororities.

Students who received their initial dose at home can come to Student Health to complete the series for either vaccine. Please be sure to bring your previous immunization records, or email them to or FAX to (805) 893-2758.

Insurance coverage will depend on the individual student’s benefit plan.

Want to know the details? Please see our meningitis FAQs .

More Questions? You can contact your clinician through our “Gateway” secure confidential email system or send general questions to or call (805) 893-5339.