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Meningitis - Viral

Fall, 2017 Update:
Student Health is aware of 2 cases of viral meningitis recently in UCSB students, who have recovered with no complications. This type of meningitis is very different from the more serious bacterial or meningococcal meningitis.

Viral meningitis is usually mild and resolves without any specific treatment other than rest and maintaining adequate fluid intake. It is spread through respiratory contact or oral secretions (see precautions below).

We still encourage all students to have adequate protection against meningococcal meningitis by receiving the two types of vaccine: Men ACWY (usually given in childhood and age 16) and the newer Men B shots (series of 2 shots). We have these shots available at Student Health; students can book an appointment to receive them through the GATEWAY portal on our website

Health Tips:
wash hands frequently
cover your cough

Protect yourself by not sharing:
  water bottles
   eating utensils
  smoking devices

Signs of viral meningitis may be similar to the deadly bacterial meningitis. You must be evaluated by a medical professional to tell the difference.

Symptoms of meningitis may include:

  sudden onset of fever,
  severe headache, and
  stiff neck, often accompanied by
  increased sensitivity to light, and
  mental confusion.

Anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.
Student Health has Urgent Care available 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. MTHF, and Wednesdays 9:00-4:30.