GHI 2015-2016

Coverage Dates:

9/20/15 - 9/16/16

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GHI Health Insurance Plan

GHI provides excellent health benefits to all enrolled students. All registered students are automatically enrolled in GHI, but if you have comparable insurance and you do notwant to keep GHI as dual coverage, you must submit a request to waive enrollment by the specified deadline. For 2015-2016, GHI includes medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health coverage.

Referrals are required from Student Health Service. If you do not obtain a referral prior to treatment, benefits are not payable. If you are more than 50 miles away from UCSB, non-emergency appointments do not require a referral. Use DocFind® to find Aetna-participating doctors, hospitals or pharmacies.

PLEASE NOTE: As of Fall Quarter, 2015, Dependent Coverage will not be available through GHI

To locate an in-network provider click here.

Some Medical and Behavioral services require precertification.  Please review documents for further information.

Aetna Documents (Coming Soon)
Aetna Medical Plan Highlights
Aetna Medical Booklet Summary 
Aetna Dental Plan Highlights
Aetna Vision Plan Highlights

Medical Claim Form

Pharmacy Claim Form

Dental Claim Form

Aetna Worldwide Medical Information and Assistance