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Attention Deficit Disorder

Please note that any student who has not been previously diagnosed and is not currently treated for ADHD will be referred out to the community for treatment. 

Procedures for Students who have NEVER been evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD:

  • You need to schedule an individual evaluation with a Student Health Social Worker.
  • Individual evaluation involves an assessment of reported ADHD symptoms and their current impact on functioning, assessment for possible conditions contributing to attention related concerns, and a review of campus and community resources.
  • If your evaluation results in the possibility of ADHD and you are interested in possible medication treatment:
    • If UC SHIP or GAP -  you will be scheduled for an appointment at Student Health for medication consultation and treatment
    • If you waived UC SHIP and GAP - you will be provided a community based referral option for further evaluation and treatment.
    • In addition, other campus or community based resources will be discussed and assistance will be provided.

      Procedures for students who were previously diagnosed with ADHD by a Qualified Provider (Psychiatrist or Licensed Clinician):

      If seeking academic accommodations, contact/schedule an appointment with Disabled Student Program (805) 893-2668.

      To expedite any of the above options, please have your assessment report/records sent to:

      UCSB Student Health,
      Attn: Social Work Services
      M/C 7002
      Santa Barbara, CA, 93106

      If seeking a medication evaluation, and/or additional information regarding campus and community resources, contact/schedule an appointment with Student Health Social Work Services by calling (805) 893-3087.


      • If currently taking ADHD medication, for continuity make an appointment with Student Health medical provider for bridge medication needs.
      • Based on information from the initial appointments, a referral for community treatment or continuing treatment in Student Health will be recommended.


      Schedule an appointment with Student Health Social Work services. They will provide assistance linking you to community treatment options available through your private insurance.